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Rules of ETW and applying.

ETW Rules:

First and most importantly, ETW will not condone ANY discrimination for anybody’s out of character age, gender or sexuality. Therefore any of this within an ETW perimeter will be met with immediate and serious consequences.
ETW is all about having fun and enjoying to do what we promote and love which is roleplaying whether that be on a RP, FL or OC account. We script storylines for all talent on the roster who are, in our eyes, ready to be on an ETW show.
Unless you know how much work goes into running a company of this stature whilst trying to have a life, do not EVER question my decisions. You may not like them, but there will be reasoning for it.
You must be an active RP with reputable roleplaying companies.
You must be able to ‘hype’ matches and know your character to a very high standard.
You may ONLY be apart of Extreme Twitter Wrestling. No other companies.

ETW contracts will be offered to and have to be accepted by anyone wishing to be a part of ETW. These will explain more details into what is expected of you within your role as an RP.

Understand that ETW was a HUGE company in RP who brought in many ideas to this. The list of records we achieved and things we did are endless. As such ETW will NOT accept people who are not extremely good at what they do.
If you really want to know all the things we did before anyone else and records we achieved, by all means tweet the former owner, Ryback, (@xRyback) on Twitter.

If you’re here to apply, please do so below and good luck.

REMEMBER: ETW puts 100% effort into what we do to provide a great experience for talent and fans alike. We expect NOTHING less and frankly MORE than that from our talent.

Application for ETW:

You have successfully applied to become apart of ETW - Extreme Twitter Wrestling. Your application will be reviewed and, if successful, you will be contacted by direct messaging off the @ETWBackstage account. If this doesn't happen within 7 days of you sending the application then it has been unsuccessful. ONLY SEND ONE APPLICATION PER MONTH.

Thank you.
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